The Writer-in-Law is M. Scott Boone, a law professor specializing in intellectual property law. This blog is aimed at writers who are interested in learning about and discussing the law that applies to their activities as writers. Although aimed primarily at writers, all creative types with an interest in the law that affects creative endeavors should find the blog interesting and hopefully useful.

4 responses to “About

  1. Cindy L

    I heard you speak on the Self Publishing Podcast. You were great and I really got a lot out of your talk. I wish that you would also do a podcast even if it were only monthly. I find it so much easier to listen to podcasts as I drive rather than having to read blogs on websites. But I will try to remember to visit your blog. Thanks so much for your advice and your blog.

  2. mscottboone

    Thanks, Cindy.

    I will give that some thought. One aspect of talking about the law is that precision is often very important. That in turn lends itself to the written word. Or maybe it is just an occupational hazard!

    I’m still developing my blogging habits and systems. When I feel like I have that down, I may consider doing some podcasts. I just hate to start something until I know I can deliver it consistently.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. Alan Drabke

    Dear Mister Boone- I think you should have a faculty appointment with ScreenwritingU. See: http://screenwritingu.com/

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