Superstars: from writer to professional writer

The Superstars Writing Seminar is one of the only seminars I know of that focuses on the profession as opposed to the craft. You can find craft seminars right and left, but finding one that focuses on the business side of writing is a little more difficult. And the 2014 edition is fast approaching (February 6–8, 2014).

From the Superstars website:

Superstars Writing Seminars, founded in 2010, is unique among writing seminars. The curriculum is focused on teaching writers the business of being successful in the publishing industry. The instructors are chosen from the top of the industry and include International Bestselling Authors, Top Editors, Indie Publishing Platform Managers, and many more. The only focus at Superstars is to teach you how to have a successful writing career by sharing how those at the top of the industry manage their careers.

The 2014 instructors are Kevin J. Anderson, Brandon Sanderson, Rebecca Moesta, James A. Owen, David Farland, and Eric Flint. There’s a couple of published books between those guys. And this year they will be joined by three guest instructors: Mark Leslie Lefebvre of Kobo, Lisa Mangum of Shadow Mountain, and Diana Gill of Harper Voyager.

I separate the benefits of Superstars into three categories. First, it teaches you how to be a professional. In other words, not just a writer, but a professional writer. Second, it teaches you about the radically changing landscape of the publishing business. In fact, change is happening so fast that many attendees of the seminar come back year after year. The industry is changing so much even from year to year that getting together once year to talk about it with a group of such accomplished professionals seems like a minimum to keep up with it. Third, it provides an already built network of professional writers at different points in their careers and with different views that a writer can call on to deal with all the challenges brought these changes.

If you are looking for a seminar about the business of being a writer, then this is the one I recommend.

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