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Intellectual Property and Cocktails – TGIF

It’s Friday and Happy Hour draws near . . . so why not mix IP and gin and . . . well, be creative – that’s the point.┬áHere’s a great post on intellectual property law (trademarks and copyright) as applied (or not applied) to mixed drinks. It provides a great discussion of the theories on incentives for creation of intellectual property beyond those embodied in copyright and patent law.

So, An IP Lawyer Walks into a Bar . . .

Flaming Moe'sAs an aside, and as a peek into my pop culture-riddled brain, the discussion immediately reminded me of the “Flaming Moe’s” episode of the Simpsons.┬áThat show did demonstrate (perhaps unintentionally) that IP could protect cocktail recipes, namely through the use of trade secrets. In fact, the episode is a pretty good walk through of the benefits and downsides of using trade secret protection. Gonna have to work that into a class . . .

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